Lauren's Letter

I'm sorry for everything I said,
and for anything I forgot to say too.
When things get so complicated,
I stumble, at best muddle through.
I wish that our lives could be simple.
I don't want the world,
Only you.
I wish I could tell you this face to face,
But there's never the time,
Never the place.
This letter will have to do.
I love you.


I don't want the world. I only want you, but you are not here. You are somewhere out there living your life without me. I want you to hurry up and find me. I don't want to rush God's perfect timing, but I want his timing to be now. I want you more than ever. I don't even know how I could want you so badly without even knowing who you are, but it is happening. My heart feels like it is going to burst if you don't get here soon. I love you. Come soon.


Crinkle My Nose

The sunlight drifts into my window.
I feel it's warmth.
It wakes me with a gentle kiss,
And comfort rushes through me.
I feel safe.
The sun covers my entire body.
I breathe it in,
And somehow we are one.
I smile
Ready to face the day,
Because I know that the sun
Will wake me again tomorrow.


A Window to the Past

I'm sitting in front of a window watching the darkness, waiting for the sun to rise. I see the future. I see the past. The same things happen day after day. I am no more of a failure than I was yesterday. I am no more of a success.

I'm sitting in front of a window unable to move, unable to blink. The world is standing still. Wind chimes hang noiseless, lifeless. The world is still, calm, asleep. Soon the world will wake, and then it will sleep again.

I'm sitting in front of a window wondering if tomorrow I'll again be sitting in front of a window.