Waiting for Christmas

Impatient. That is what I am. Christmas is surrounding me...so close that I feel like I could touch it...but as far as I reach, it is just beyond my grasp. Why can't I have just a touch...a single snowflake? That is all I need...but for now, I wait in wonder of the wonderful present you are wrapping for me now. I know that it will be a more perfect present than I could have ever imagined, and I thank you in advance for this wonderful gift. I am so undeserving.


Longing to tell you everything...

There are things that I wish I could say to you, but I just can't right now. Part of me is scared...Part of me is ashamed...but know that I love you (in the real undying, unconditional sense of the word, not just a thrown around version) and I am sorry.


63 years...

Never in my life have I had a better BFF. I never knew one single human being could make me feel so at ease, so comfortable with where I am in the world. I've never known someone, except for maybe my parents, who has pushed me so much. My BFF has continued to teach me without his even trying. He is teaching me about patience, love, joy, honesty, and mostly trust. I've never, ever trusted someone as much as I trust him. I've never had someone talk to me about honesty like he does. I've never known someone who wanted to have a relationship based around complete honesty with each other. I've never known someone who wasn't in my family to put up with me the way he does. I've never been so sure of a friendship, a relationship. I've never been so afraid of losing someone. I think if I lost him my life might fall apart. I am so blessed to be going to college with him. Just having him here with me makes each day a little easier. It makes the tough days bearable, and the best days are a joy to share with him. I hope I am able to share each and everyday of the next 63 years with him. I love him so much, and somehow, I manage to love him more and more everyday. I can't imagine life without him. I hope and pray that we remain close for eternity.